Friday, February 16, 2007

Abnormal Weather in Namibia

More weather blues as far as rain goes for Namibia. Since Saturday last weekend we have had a major drop in air temperatures! This is unheard of in the month of February. Usually the temperatures are in the mid thirties. There are floods in Angola, which is where most of our rain actually comes from, but as you can see in the insert (Left), there is little to no air movement to bring some of that moisture south to Namibia. Another front is also expected (as you can see) which is said to mess things up even longer! So... half way through February, things look a bit on the bleak side when it comes to some exciting thunderstorms, usually in full swing this time of the year. The rain season so far, has been extremely poor. The cool abnormal weather was welcomed by most, who struggle to handle the hot summer conditions here in Namibia. The cool weather lasted almost all week. Temperatures were as low as 11 degrees Celsius.