Thursday, November 13, 2008

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CT winds 'strongest in 30 years'

Nov 13 2008 12:50:57:297PM

While more heavy rain is forecast for parts of the Western Cape, the fierce gales - caused by the strongest low pressure system in 30 years - are subsiding.

Cape Town - While more heavy rain is forecast for parts of the Cape south coast, the fierce gales that have battered Cape Town and other parts of the Western Cape over the past two days are subsiding, the SA Weather Service (SAWS) said on Thursday.

"There is still rain forecast along the south coast for today (Thursday), with the possibility of heavy showers in the region between Helderberg and George," Cape Town Weather Office forecaster Lethando Masimini told Sapa.

The situation would improve on Friday, although there remained a possibility of more rain in this region, he said.

Gale-force winds and rain first struck the Western Cape on Tuesday, ripping off roofs, flooding homes, closing roads, washing away bridges and damaging crops.

Call for national funding

The scale of the damage in some Boland areas has prompted the Democratic Alliance in the region to call on Transport Minister Jeff Radebe for national funding.

"Abnormally high rainfall over the last two days has brought the rivers between Worcester and Romans River down in flood; washing away over 20 bridges and marooning thousands of people, mainly farm workers," DA provincial transport spokesperson Robin Carlisle said on Tuesday.

Rivers had burst their banks, and there was wide-scale damage to vineyards.

"Three years of massive damage caused by flooding have exhausted the province's resources and flood damage funding. Only national [government] can assist with this new wave of flood damage, which will certainly not be limited to the Worcester area," he said.

Low pressure system

The heavy storms have been blamed on a slow-moving low pressure system, which caused temperatures to drop and brought heavy rain. Called a "cut-off low" by forecasters, it was reportedly the strongest to hit the Western Cape in almost 30 years.

In Cape Town, off-the-scale winds closed the harbour on Wednesday, a harbour official, who declined to be named, told Sapa.

Instruments which read and record wind speeds of up to 70 knots (almost 130km/h), "went off the graph" several times between midnight and noon on Wednesday, the official said.

A spokesperson for Cape Town Disaster Management, Charlotte Powell, told Sapa damage in the Cape Town area from the storm included dozens of torn-off roofs, damage to vehicles from up-rooted trees and some localised flooding.

There were no reports of deaths or injuries, she said.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Lightning strikes church

Burundi - Three people were killed and 22 injured when lightning struck a church in southwest Burundi, local authorities said on Monday.

"Yesterday morning, heavy rain and lightning poured down on Burambi town. A flash of lightning struck a Protestant church killing three people," the governor of Bururi province, Beatrice Havuginoti, told AFP.

Seven of the 22 people injured in Sunday's dramatic lightning flash were seriously hurt.

Dozens of homes were also destroyed as well as schools in Burambi and the neighbouring village of Buyengero, Havuginoti added.

Torrential rain since the start of the central African country's rainy season in September had already claimed ten lives and destroyed hundreds of properties.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Afternoon Thunderstorm in Windhoek

Finally a great downpour yesterday. My house got some 25 millimeters which is just great! That saves us having to water for a couple of days. Theses pictures here were taken outside Denu Distributors yesterday afternoon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

First Thunderstorm of the new season 2008/2009

Finally a break in the heat with some cloud cover Saturday afternoon, along with a light thunderstorm. Sunday was overcast all day, with some good lightning in the evening.
This lightning picture was taken Saturday afternoon. (The day the Sharks beat the Bulls 14-9 in the 2008 ABSA Currie Cup - YeHA!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

N.Y. Man Struck By Lightning At Gas Station

Man Knocked Out, Suffered Blistering

POSTED: 10:25 am EDT October 3, 2008

UPDATED: 11:22 am EDT October 3, 2008


BARKER, N.Y. -- William Hall got a real shock when he went to fill up his gas tank -- he was hit by a bolt of lightning.

The western New York man was putting gasoline into his pickup truck Wednesday at a Niagara County convenience store when he was struck by lightning.

The bolt knocked out the 44-year-old Hall for a few minutes and caused some blistering, but otherwise he was OK.

His wife was sitting in the truck but wasn't injured.

One of the store's surveillance cameras shows the lightning bolt hitting the parking lot while another shows Hall toppling over next to the gas pump after being struck.

Hall returned to the store Thursday to finish filling up his truck.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unusually Late Thunder Storm in the Windhoek Area

Between 01H00 and about 04H30 this morning (22 May 2008) Windhoek experienced a bit of a thunderstorm, which is extremely unusuall for this time of the year! Not that it rained that much in Pioneers Park, we only had about 2.5mm, but I'm sure some other areas got a bit more than that. Time from lightning to thunder was about 5 to 7 seconds. At the rate the clouds are looking today we might just get some more rain later on. Also the temperatures for this time is a bit strange. It should be alot colder than what it is. Winter has not really started either. It is a bit chilly when the sun goes down, but the days are still pretty warm. You can still get away with going to work without a jersey. As for the late thunderstorm, no-one can really recall one for this time off the year...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pink Lightning Bolt

This pink lightning bolt was taken on the same night as the other couple below here. I just forgot to add this one in. There was a story that this specific lightning started a fire at a house in one of the eastern suberbs of Windhoek, however I could not confirm this story.

Pink Lightning

Here are some great pink lightning shots. This storm was just east of us during the late evening. This storm was close by as you can see from the lightning pictures. Most of the thunder was between 1.5 to 3.0 seconds after the lightning bolt, puting the storm pretty close by to us!

Blue Lightning Pictures

New Lightning Pictures from this 2007/2008 season here in Windhoek, Namibia.
Must say this season was not to bad for the rain part. Lightning however could have been a bit more though. Well here are some more lightning action pictures. Enjoy!

Circular Lightning

A cool lighnting shot taken in a northerly direction. This specific strom is close by and made for some great lightning viewing. I have been a bit busy this lightning season. So there are quite a few new lightning pictures which will be showing up here - enjoy!